Why become a member??

Becoming member of any club is the first step towards getting best out of that club. When you become member you show your passion towards your club and your hobby.                                                                                                            members

 You get following benefits once you become member of Ajax Chess Club.

  1. Access to Chess Club and Club resources.
  2. Weekly meetings along with tips on improving your game.
  3. Detailed training programs for kids for overall Chess improvement.
  4. Learn as you play.
  5. Improve your game and play in ACC Tournaments(Tournament fee not included).
This is a "Not for Profit" club and all fees go towards website maintenance, chess equipment,
incidentals and special events.

We offer Annual membership at a flat fee of $70 per year for our Club payable in January.

50 % Discounted fees after Sep 1st



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