This segment outlines our expectations from you when you are attending an Ajax Chess Club event.

Appropriate language and behavior

We are an inclusive, kid-friendly and family-friendly organization.  You will refrain from use of foul language, insulting, sarcastic, or threatening language, or shouting or screaming.  You will behave in a manner respectful of the contemplation and discussions of others around you.

You will treat the equipment and the facilities nicely, clean up the areas you have been in, and assist organizers in maintaining a pleasant environment.

We are here to play and study chess and similar games for their own sake.  Players are expected to accept loss and enjoy their wins with grace.  Players will not interfere with or advise in others' games, and will respect the decisions of organizers and referees.

Cheating is prohibited.

The club welcomes children who are interested in playing chess.   Some events or areas of the club may from time-to-time be specifically designated for children or for adults alone; otherwise, children and adults intermingle and are expected to be tolerant of each other.

Parents (or legal guardians) need to review and sign the document, "Ajax Chess Club Responsibilities for Children and their Parents" which lists some additional requirements for parents and their children.

Photography and Media
News media are sometimes invited to Ajax Chess Club events; some events are held in public spaces or the public may be invited.  Photographs are also sometimes taken by the club for publicity purposes.