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It all started when a father went out to find a local chess club for his son to join. To his surprise there wasn’t one. Knowing the vast history and benefits of the game of Chess, the Ajax Chess Club was born. Children could now have a friendly venue to learn and play chess. In no time our club began to grow. It seems there were many other parents looking for a chess club for their children to join

ACC logo_1Many of the youths who joined had parents who were also avid players. They soon became members. Our club has many skilled adults who love to devote their time and impart their knowledge to our next generation of chess players. Our goal is to promote chess in our community for both the young and the young at heart.

Our club is unique as it offers a variety of activities for our members. We have structured lessons (ie. Chess openings, tactics, strategies, traps etc.), special presentations and guest speakers, house league games, Club tournaments, Open tournaments, community events, chess crafts and more. Please check our calendar for these events.

Tournaments are for fun competitive chess play that allows players to guage their development. Club tournaments include Blitz, Chess 960 and Seven-11 are held on club nights. 

Chess is certainly a brain exercise. Like any exercise we get better the more we play, thus promoting self confidence. None is too old or young to learn either.

Our online community allows people to meet and share their games with other chess players in our area. You can create new events, invite friends and do so much more. It’s like your own local chess community from the comforts of your home.

Our online chess puzzles will keep you smiling as you try and solve them. The more you do, the quicker you learn to spot certain patterns and themes.



  "We would like to give great thanks and gratitude towards Ajax Alliance Church

for giving us the opportunity to host the location of our meetings."

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